I have Minecraft Bedrock V1.16.100. When I travel fast (like on a horse or on an elytra) the chunks in front of me don't load and I see everything as transparent. My specs:-

intel i3 5005U
intel hd graphics 5500
4GB ram

I used to think that these system resources are too low to run Minecraft and so the chunks do not load. But recently I saw my friend who does not face this problem even though his system specs are much low as compared to my. His specs :-

intel pentium 2nd gen dual core
128mb dedicated graphics 512mb total(or something like that. I don't remember exactly)
4GB ram

We both are running Windows 10 v 1909.

I don't use any Shaders or mods. Also I have set Minecraft to lowest settings.

Here is a picture for reference

  • First of all, I would recommend updating. That will like 90% fix it
    – Penguin
    Dec 11 '20 at 15:29

This is a common problem. Restart, your device, restart Minecraft, and then open it up. It should be fixed.

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