In the character creation screen there is an option to add a penis to your character, regardless if you've chosen a male or a female character.

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There is also an additional option to customize the type of penis you choose as well as the size of the penis. That said, with a few hours into the game I haven't seen anything meaningful that would make these options noticeable. During sex scenes with Joytoys my large penis isn't noticeably visible and I haven't seen any clothing options that would make any changes made obvious.

So is there even a point to having a penis? Does my penis size matter, or does the type of penis I have have any functionality within the game? Besides the character roleplay, I haven't seen any meaningful in-game interaction which makes use of the feature...


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As far as I am aware genital size does nothing except when you are nude. It may affect romance possibly, but I as far as I have seen it doesn’t.


There is no impact by the genital customization. But your voice and body type very much does affect your romance options due to side characters having sexual preferences:

- Panam Palmer only romanceable with a masculine body type
- Kerry Eurodyne only romanceable with a masculine voice and body type
- Judy Alvarez only romanceable with a feminine body type and voice tone
- River Ward only romanceable with a feminine body type
- Meredith Stout romanceable with all body types (requires story-decision)

Source: Gamesradar


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