The other day, I renamed a sword to My Awesome Sword in an anvil.


I've decided that I don't like the custom name anymore and want to remove it.

The problem is, the anvil doesn't seem to be able to remove a custom name applied earlier. When I clear the text field, this is what I see:


Notice how I cleared the text box for custom name, but the sword still has the first letter? When I take it out, now I have a sword named M.

Core Task

Using no cheats, remove a previously applied custom name from an anvil.


It seems like 1.13 changed the anvil's workings a little. In 1.12, clearing the text field would have worked, but in 1.13, it keeps the first letter instead of clearing the custom name.

But, there is still a way to use the anvil to clear a previously applied custom name. Try this:


What's different this time, you ask? Look at the text field.

All you need to do is enter one or more spaces into the box.

And voila, the custom name is gone!

enter image description here

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