How do I add multiple textures (Like top, bottom, side, etc.) to a block with only one texture (Such as planks, dirt, etc.)?


Assigning Textures

In your blocks.json in the top of the directory (i.e. myresourcepack/blocks.json) have the block texture defined with these. Example blocks.json with a furnace:

  "furnace" : {
      "sound" : "stone",
      "textures" : {
         "down" : "furnace_top",
         "east" : "furnace_side",
         "north" : "furnace_side",
         "south" : "furnace_front_off",
         "up" : "furnace_top",
         "west" : "furnace_side"
  • furnace - ID of block
  • furnace_top, furnace_side... - Name you registered the texture under
  • stone - The sound. Name the sound is registered under (optional)

Registering Textures

The different sides should point to a registered texture. If you don't know how to register textures, here is an example:

Have a file named terrain_texture.json. The file path should be: myresourcepack/textures/terrain_texture.json. Inside the file, have this:

   "num_mip_levels" : 4,
   "padding" : 8,
   "resource_pack_name" : "vanilla",
   "texture_data" : {
      "acacia_planks" : {
         "textures" : "textures/blocks/planks_acacia"

In that example, we defined a texture called acacia_planks with the file path to the actual image textures/blocks/planks_acacia. This points to the planks_acacia file in our myresourcepack/textures/blocks/planks_acacia.png; the .png is implied.

  • acacia_planks - Whatever you want to name the texture
  • planks_acacia - The name of the PNG file in blocks/, omit the .png
  • As for the mip, padding, pack name, etc. I couldn't tell you what anything does - just copy & paste that in
  • So, for example, if I wanted to add a different top to a dirt block, I would just edit blocks.json? – EmojiMaker Dec 22 '20 at 20:48
  • No, you would have to register the new texture in terrain_texture.json then make a blocks.json for it – Penguin Dec 22 '20 at 21:54
  • Can you link to an example pack answering the question "Add multiple textures to a one-texture block?" – EmojiMaker Dec 24 '20 at 23:07

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