I started a LAN world with my sister and everything worked fine for some time. Just now the 22. December 2020 I wanted to teleport to her because she found a place which was probably far away. And when I teleported to her everything stopped loading and the game kicked me out. I tried rejoining but it didn't work. The chunk isnt loading and if it does I have just some time to move around but everything else is frozen and I cant use anything. After that small time is over I get kicked... Before I teleported I had a cat and I was next to a bed. I used the bed as a respawn point just incase the cat doesnt teleport with me and then I teleported to her. I used many commands such as forceload and /kill Exilium31 (me). I hoped that I could respawn back at the bed but it wouldnt even let me respawn... Help me


Your computer likely couldn't handle the amount of new chunks being loaded. Try allocating more RAM to Minecraft.

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