In Minecraft, me and my friends have adventured to the Nether and used the /locate command to find a Bastion Remnant. We are in the process of raiding one, but I have a question. Is there a pattern in which Bastion Remnants generate? Or do we have to pointlessly wander around to find another? For example, are there certain biomes they are exclusive to, so that I don’t explore areas that they cannot generate? We also found 3 chests in our bastion remnant, and I just looked it up and found that you are only supposed to find 1-2 chests. Was our bastion remnant composed of two merged remnants, or are bastion remnants supposed to have that much loot?

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Can you discern any pattern in this?

a random scattering of colorful dots

That's locations of bastions within ~14k x ~10k area around spawn on a random seed, as generated by Bastion Remnant Finder from Chunkbase.com. The varied colors determine the type of the structure:

useless description of colorful dots

On Java, at least, there are occasional diagonal "lines" 3-4 bastions long. On Bedrock it seems the only pattern is some bald spots corresponding to Basalt Deltas, where bastions don't generate (may encroach into them from neighboring biomes though).

I don't know where you looked up the "2 chests", but bastion remnants generate as a hodge-podge of matching structures using the Jigsaw blocks, and some of them contain chests. That means the number of chest depends on your luck (or just the world seed); some structures are guaranteed to appear in certain types of bastions, so some chests are guaranteed in these types of bastions, others are completely random.

  • Thanks. I tried ChunkBase and it is incredibly useful
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  • Also, bastions only generate more than a 384 block sphere of another bastion or a fortress, to prevent overlapping of the 2 structures
    – user263362
    Feb 18, 2021 at 15:14

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