I am trying to play Assassin's creed Odyssey on Ubuntu 18 with Proton 5.13-4 on Steam. The game is running but a balloon asking to shift+f2 to open Uplay is constantly on the top right corner of the screen. If I click do shift+f2, Uplay overlay opens up, but I am unable to close it. The game becomes stuck at that point and just crashes.

Can I disable this Uplay nonsense in steam? I tried out adding -uplay_steam_mode as a launch option as suggested by one of the Ubisoft Fourm (which I can't find anymore) but that did not work. Any suggestions?


had the same problem and found a workaround: just start the game and press shift+F2, then disable all notification types, crash the game and restart... should be fine now :)

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    Damn, I can't try it out now because I got so annoyed that I returned the game. Thanks a lot anyway! – Ananda Jan 28 at 14:59

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