If I am trying to uninstall Steam and it is in my C: drive while some of my other games are installed onto my F: drive, will it remove those games on the F: and C: drive or just on the C: drive?


Uninstalling Steam will also remove all of your installed games (including in separate libraries), save games, and other downloadable content.

If you want to back up your games before uninstalling Steam, say for example you're reinstalling the client, you can take a copy of your library folder before you perform the uninstallation and then restore it after uninstalling the client. When you reinstall Steam you need to create a new library at the existing library location and then choose to reinstall all of the games in that library for Steam to correctly find the files.

  • I wasn't aware that this was the case, but assuming you're correct, you can also unlink a secondary library folder, which should prevent Steam from uninstalling any games located in that library. – MBraedley Dec 25 '20 at 13:27

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