I want to play the Original Doom games in chronological order, but after checking the Wikipedia page for the series, I found that there are a couple of official maps for the Doom games:

  • Doom 1
    • Thy Flesh Consumed (from The Ultimate Doom)
    • Sigil (unofficial, by John Romero, the co-founder of id Software)
  • Doom 2
    • Master Levels for Doom II
    • Doom II: No Rest for the Living (Xbox 360, by Nerve Software)
  • Final Doom
    • TNT: Evilution
    • The Plutonia Experiment
  • Doom 64
  • Doom 3 / Doom 3: BFG Edition
    • Resurrection of Evil
    • The Lost Mission (BFG Edition only)

What is the correct chronological order for the Original Doom games? Is the chronological order the same as the release order?

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    Doom 3 is a soft reboot, so pretty much everything before is in a state of canon limbo.
    – A.bakker
    Dec 30, 2020 at 21:17
  • Since we're commenting on reboots, Doom 2016 is another soft reboot.
    – Powerlord
    Jan 4, 2021 at 19:16

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The official classic canon would be:


DOOM - Thy Flesh Consumed


DOOM II - No Rest for the Living

Sigil is unofficial, as are The Master Levels for DOOM II and Plutonia. TNT: Evilution IS considered low-canon, but I'm really not sure where it fits in though. Given the lack of events to gauge context, we'd have to go on the visuals and equipment - this puts it somewhere DURING both DOOM and DOOM II, which seems odd. Between, perhaps?

As mentioned, DOOM 3 is something of a soft-reboot, so you can consider it a recap of the above canon. Play through the above DOOM and DOOM II canon, then play through DOOM 3; it's a more horror-esque and narrative-heavy "remake" of the previous two titles, and overall a really solid game.

Another note; The Ultimate DOOM is a comprehensive collection of DOOM (1) canon

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