My PS4 controller is connected to my PC with Bluetooth. The controller works with some games that I downloaded on steam, when i turn it on the controller has a blue light and allows me to play as much as i want, however I downloaded a game off of a website and my controller only seems to work when it is plugged in with a USB cable. While that isn't a big problem itself, when the controller is plugged in it wont allow my other USB driver to send audio to my headphones. I've tried countless times to pair my controller via Bluetooth but while it says the controller is connected, the controller doesn't stay on for more than 5 seconds before automatically turning off again. How do I keep my controller connected (wirelessly) and allow my other USB driver to send audio to my headphones. if it helps get answers, the PC I'm using is "Alienware Aurora" gaming PC.


To access all the functionality of a DS4 on Windows you need a driver. Steam has an internal driver that supports Playstation controllers. If you add your game to Steam as a "Non-Steam Game" then it can use Steam's DS4 controller support.

Alternatively, you can use unofficial third-party drivers like DS4Windows that create a virtual XInput device for use with non-Steam games that need XInput.


Yes. I had a similar issue. I was running a power A xbox controller. I run a custom build with 3060ti and i7 9700f on windows 10. I just downloaded drivers and that fixed that. If you have a controller that is not made by sony/PlayStation, i suggust to go to the website and check taht you have all of the drivers

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