My PS4 controller is connected to my PC with Bluetooth. The controller works with some games that I downloaded on Steam: when I turn it on the controller has a blue light and allows me to play as much as I want.

However, I downloaded a game off of a website and my controller only seems to work when it is plugged in with a USB cable. I've tried countless times to pair my controller via Bluetooth but while it says the controller is connected, the controller doesn't stay on for more than 5 seconds before automatically turning off again.

How do I keep my PS4 controller connected wirelessly? I'm using an Alienware Aurora gaming PC.

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To access all the functionality of a DS4 on Windows you need a driver. Steam has an internal driver that supports Playstation controllers. If you add your game to Steam as a "Non-Steam Game" then it can use Steam's DS4 controller support.

Alternatively, you can use unofficial third-party drivers like DS4Windows that create a virtual XInput device for use with non-Steam games that need XInput.

  • This. I've written scripts for controller support, before, and PS4 controllers even need special considerations compared to just about every other controller.
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The internal battery may be dead. To test this out, try the controller on a PlayStation 4 console, and see if it still shuts down after 5 seconds. This seems like an obvious answer, but working in technical support, I can tell you that even we miss the little things from time to time.

The immediate solution is to plug it in and let it charge. It sounds like your already naturally doing this; however, you could also be at the end of the battery lifetime. Rechargeable batteries don't last forever, and multiple causes can lead to a lower battery life. At first, the battery may only last half the time it did when the controller was brand new. Eventually, the battery will only give you a few seconds of life, before completely cutting out.

What can I do to prevent this from happening?

This is inevitably going to happen. We are not at the technological stage where rechargeable batteries last forever. There are a few things you can do to prolong the lifetime of the battery:

  1. Let the controller completely discharge before plugging it back in to recharge.
  2. Let the controller completely recharge before unplugging and/or playing with it.
  3. Do not let your controller continue charging once it has reached its maximum battery capacity This last rule generally applies to rechargeable batteries, so I'm leaving it here for reference; however, numerous sources 1 2 3 have confirmed that the controller is designed to stop charging at maximum capacity. In other words, the controller will do this step for you on its own.

What can I do if I confirm my controllers rechargeable battery has completely died?

If this does turn out to be the issue, there are four possible solutions you can consider:

  1. If the controller is still under warranty, you can reach out to either Sony or the store where the controller was purchased for a replacement.
  2. If the controller is not under warranty, you can still reach out to Sony (and sometimes the store where the controller was purchased - always worth checking) for a repair. This will likely cost you; and sometimes, the cost of repair significantly outweighs the cost for replacement.
  3. Replace the controller. If the controller does not have any sentimental value, this might be a cheaper alternative than paying for a repair.
  4. Replace the battery. This is by far the cheapest solution, outside of warranty, but may require a bit of technical expertise on your side. There is always a risk of further damage to the controller, which will also void any warranty claim. Only do this if you know what your doing and the warranty has already run out on the controller.

How do I replace the internal battery?

There is a great guide for this at ifixit.com, complete with step by step images. I also found this video, on YouTube:


I had a similar issue. I was running a PowerA XBox controller. I run a custom build with a 3060ti and an i7 9700f on Windows 10. I just downloaded drivers and it fixed that. If you have a controller that is not made by Sony, I suggest to go to the website and check that you have all of the drivers.

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