So I have just started playing bloon tower defense 6 and on round 100 there is this massive purple M.O.A.B. class bloon called a B.A.D. bloon and it looks like it has so much health. I need to figure out how much H.P. it has so I can plan out a good defense. Does anyone know how much H.P. the B.A.D. bloon has?


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The wiki uses a metric called Red Bloon Equivalent (RBE), meaning how many red bloon equivalents are contained within the balloon. The Big Airship of Doom (B.A.D.) has the highest non-boss RBE in the current game.

  • Normal: 55,760 RBE (20,000 HP)

  • Fortified: 98,360 RBE (40,000 HP)

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