I want to make a spawner (block entity) that spawns entities "launching", i.e., with an initial velocity and rotation. The following command, however, places a spawner that spawns arrows that are initially stationary.

setblock ~ ~3 ~ spawner{SpawnCount:1,MaxNearbyEntities:1024,SpawnRange:3,Delay:1,MinSpawnDelay:20,MaxSpawnDelay:20,RequiredPlayerRange:64,SpawnData:{id:arrow,pickup:2,life:1194,Rotation:[0f,90f],Motion:[0.0,2.0,0.0]}} destroy

According to Minecraft Wiki, Rotation and Motion are the correct tags I'm looking for, and I'm also using the correct data types (float for Rotation and double for Motion). However, arrows coming out of this spawner only gradually falls instead of going up.

Am I missing anything? I'm running Minecraft JE 1.16.4.

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This is not the solution u looking for but u could detect when they spawn and then explode a TnT near them to launch them. A command block nearby that ensures that the mobs stay alive and u got a launcher.

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