I'm making a map in Minecraft Education Edition, I wanted to make like a scoreboard objective that stays in the side of the screen (I saw this in Hypixel first). But I can't make a list of objectives, like: If objective not completed: §4 Task. And if Completed §2 Task. I couldn't find anything in Youtube. enter image description here


The number you're seeing is the entity's UUID, because entities only display the UUID on the scoreboard, not their custom names. Here's the correct way:

Remember how instead of a target selector, you can just type in a player name, like this?

tp ExpertCoder14 ~ ~ ~

You can also do that with the /scoreboard command, and you can even enter a player name even if that player is not actually online, and the scoreboard will still track it as if it is real:

/scoreboard players set §2ModBay 0


enter image description here

The command you're looking for is:

/scoreboard objectives

To create a new objective in Bedrock, use this:

/scoreboard objectives add <objective: string> dummy [displayName: string]

To show all the current objectives on the screen with their display names and criteria, use this command (warning: fails in Bedrock Edition if there are no objectives set!):

/scoreboard objectives list

Finally, to display score info for a specific objective in a specific display slot:

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay <list |sidebar> [objective: string]
  • When I tried to do it it showed some random numbers, I'll edit the post and add the image. Jan 12 '21 at 14:36
  • You have to add objectives before listing them, otherwise it shows nonsense values.
    – Sciborg
    Jan 12 '21 at 14:48

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