So, I'm making a "map" to try to impress my friends with my redstone and commands, and I wanna make a voting system for a bedwars game. So, I want to make it so that two people have to agree on one mode to prevent complete chaos(there's gonna be three people including me), and I want to make it so that once those two players step on certain pressure plates, it will run a command. If one player steps on a pressure plate of a certain mode, it's not chosen. If no one steps on the pressure plates, the mode isn't chosen either.

  • AND gate. Or golden pressure plate, 2 redstone dust and repeater after these, for handling this with a single pressure plate instead of 2.
    – SF.
    Jan 13 at 16:16
  • As in, there are two pressure plates and both need to be activated to run a command.
    – Korogue
    Jan 13 at 18:30

You need to create an AND gates.

How it works is that you have 3 levers/inputs all leading up into 3 blocks with redstone torches. Then there will be redstone running into your command block. Im not able to take screenshots right now but will edit the post asap.

  • thanks for the info about the AND gate, saying it on text is kinda confusing, but I've managed to go to the minecraft wiki and find my answer there.
    – Korogue
    Jan 21 at 15:03

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