How can I start an illager raid via commands? I've looked into mob events but they don't seem to trigger anything.

I'd prefer a solution where it not be required that the player is in a village for it to start.


To start a raid, use this command in the chat, and you will get the Bad Omen effect. To make a raid happen, just walk into a village in survival mode for it to start.

/effect @s bad_omen

The command is:

/summon pillager ~ ~ ~ minecraft:spawn_as_illager_captain

The three tildes (~) means it will be summoned at your exact location. you can change this by replacing it with coordinates with a space in between:

/summon pillager 100 65 -57 minecraft:spawn_as_illager_captain

Hope this helped!

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    That seems like it will just summon an illager capital, not start a raid. – ExpertCoder14 Jan 15 at 0:15
  • /effect <username here> minecraft:bad_omen is the command, however you need a village for it to summon the raid – Topcode Jan 15 at 0:45
  • I have thought about this. But this only gives you the bad omen effect which, indeed summons a raid when you enter a village structure area, but if you want to ummon a raid anywhere in the world, without the bad omen effect, you will need other commands. Also, this is the equivalent of getting a bad omen effect from any nearby outpost... It all depends on the intention... – Geekdeserpentard .D Jan 15 at 0:53
  • Yes I tried this when I was looking at mob events but all it did was spawn the captain and nothing else – Penguin Jan 15 at 2:36
  • @Geekdeserpentard.D “you will need other commands” could you point me to what you mean? – Penguin Jan 15 at 2:38

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