I play Minecraft Pocket Edition and its on the most recent update. everything works fine, the only problem is on my end with making multiplayer worlds.

When i make a world i never turn off multiplayer, i leave it on as "friends of friends" along with the LAN broadcast on. however as soon as i join the world, the multiplayer is always turned off and greyed out so i can't turn it back on. If i leave the world and then go into settings to turn it back on, it says the multiplayer is on.

i can join servers and i can join my friends world without much issue, i have searched for a solution multiple times and the solutions offered i've done and didn't work or the solution wasn't specific for PE and couldn't be done on mobile.

I've had the issue for awhile now and i've even switched phones recently for unrelated reasons, i'm really annoyed/upset that i have to rely on others to make multiplayer worlds every time me and someone want to play multiplayer, especially when it was my idea to begin with. I'm beginning to lose hope that this is an issue that can't fixed without the DEV's fixing it themselves.

  • That’s a really odd issue. Are your friends on the same wifi (so you join via LAN)? If not then it could be a router issue. Also make sure Minecraft has access to the LAN network, on iOS go to settings > scroll down to Minecraft then make sure “Local Network” is enabled. Idk how to do it on android – Penguin Jan 18 at 16:19

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