I am trying to fly in minecraft. However, the command block isn't updating my rotation. Could someone help me? I'm using this command in a repeating command block:

/tp @s ^ ^ ^0.5
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    Can you include the command you are trying to use?
    – ginkgo
    Jan 19, 2021 at 17:57
  • /tp @s ^ ^ ^0.5 PS i am on 1.16.5rc1 Jan 19, 2021 at 21:47
  • @p i am on single player Jan 21, 2021 at 18:15

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Your command, /tp @s ^ ^ ^0.5 is being run in a command block. @s always refers to the executor, that is, the "thing" running the command.

Since your command is running in a command block, the "thing" running the command is the server. So, @s would not refer to you.

You can use /execute to change who the command is being executed as, like so:

execute as @p run tp @s ^ ^ ^0.5

This makes the nearest player run the command. If you try this, you will find that it works- sort of.

What does tp @s ^ ^ ^0.5 do, exactly? It teleports the target 0.5 blocks forward. However, the command is being executed at the command block, so you will be teleported 0.5 blocks in front of it. To combat this, we need to change where the command is being executed, like so:

execute as @p at @s run tp @s ^ ^ ^0.5

Now you can "fly" in Minecraft.

  • I did that, but it isnt updating my rotation Jan 21, 2021 at 18:13
  • this will only work in the 4 cardinal directions, due to command limitations. Jan 21, 2021 at 18:20
  • ^ does forward nomater what Jan 21, 2021 at 18:22
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    @MinecraftHacker If it still doesn't work, then I'd suspect that your command block is not activating for some reason.
    – ginkgo
    Jan 21, 2021 at 18:47
  • @MinecraftHacker this command should move you forward, what do you want it to do/think it should do?
    – Penguin
    Jan 25, 2021 at 0:46

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