These are things like, Spider Jockeys and Baby Zombies riding regular zombies and stuff like that. But, I want to know the most rarest thing to spawn in Minecraft naturally.


Rays Works has an excellent series about rare mobs. Here is his latest video on the new rarest mob:

It happens to be a strider riding a strider, riding a strider, etc. with a final baby zombie piglin on top, with a Jack-O-Lantern head.

  • This was a since-fixed bug – pppery Jan 19 at 21:31
  • Cool. Thanks for providing this. After this bug fix, I assume it has gone back to it's old rarest mob, skeleton horse with a skeleton riding it, with a Jack-O-lantern head, and diamond horse armor, with diamond armor on the skeleton. Or something like that. The series goes over it all – User 12692182 Jan 19 at 21:34

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