I'm trying to make it so that a specific player who enters a region, anywhere between 730, 0, 110 and 760, 256, 137, gets teleported to spawn. I managed to make it so whenever anyone entered the area it would teleport the target player to spawn, but my main goal is to make it so that I can walk around freely while my friend is locked out without having him teleported to spawn 10 times every second. I tried using teams but that wouldn't work either, but maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

I've been using this command, goawayree being the team I created with the target in it.

execute if entity @a[team=goawayree][x=730,y=0,z=110,dx=50,dy=256,dz=50] run tp @a[team=goawayree] 0 72 0

this was using radius' as i couldnt figure out how i would make a set boundary without 300 armor stands and 13 different headaches. if this isnt possible please please please point out a similar way to do this, ive been looking for solutions online for about 3 days. thanks for the help in advance

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With selectors, all filters(or the values in the square brackets) go in one array(square brackets). It would be in the form of name=value,name=value,name=value and it keeps going until you don't have any other filters to add. So you need to combine team=goawayree with x=730,y=0,z=110,dx=50,dy=256,dz=50 in one array to make [team=goawayree, x=730,y=0,z=110,dx=50,dy=256,dz=50]. You also are teleporting everyone on the goawayree team, when any player is in the rectangular prism x=730,y=0,z=110,dx=50,dy=256,dz=50. You can fix this by using just a tp command, selecting everyone on goawayree team in the rectangular prism, and tping them to spawn. Here is how you do that.

tp @a[team=goawayree, x=730,y=0,z=110,dx=50,dy=256,dz=50] 0 72 0

That command in theory should work. If you have any problems let me know.


Remove these two brackets and insert a comma ,:


to end up with this:


Also note an interesting quirk about dx, dy, and dz. The axes of the box you create are actually one more than what you type in. So actually, 0 is a one-block wide box.

If you want a 50×50 box, you should put 49 instead.

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