If I buys the premium membership of GeforceNOW called "Founding members" in the US , can I change the servers in EU?

Simply a matter of costs. Reason is the founder members plan costs 24.95 USD / 6 months in the US. While the European version costs 27,45 € / 6 months. 1€ > 1USD

I am tempted to say YES. Can someone confirm? enter image description here

  • Do keep in mind that you may have to pay sales taxes, which might bring the overall cost to the same level (or higher). I'd argue that it's not worth the hassle to get the US one if you're in the EU. – Ave Jan 21 at 23:39

Yes, GeForce Now founders subscribers can set the server location they want to use.

However, the Auto option assigns you to the nearest server latency-wise, not nearest to your account region.

GeForce Now UI displaying region list

  • Exactly what I needed to know. So unlike Netflix, the location subscription is independent to the service. – Raymond Chenon Jan 22 at 0:07
  • 1
    @RaymondChenon Netflix library is also based on your IP location. – Ave Jan 22 at 13:19

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