I don't know what plants to farm for the drops, i already got the wheat thins from baker's wheat, but what are the others and what do they drop? also E cuz achievement.


From the wiki, there are 7 upgrades that can drop from harvesting mature plants. They are:

  • Elderwort: 1% chance of Elderwort biscuits - +2% cookie production and grandma production
  • Bakeberry: 1.5% chance of Bakeberry cookies - +2% cookie production
  • Duketater: 0.5% chance of Duketater cookies - +10% cookie production
  • Green rot: 0.5% chance of Green yeast digestives - +1% golden cookie gains, effect duration, and frequency; also +3% random drops
  • Baker's wheat: 0.1% chance of Wheat slims - +1% cookie production
  • Drowsyfern: 1% chance of Fern tea - +3% cps while the game is closed
  • Ichorpuff: 0.5% chance of Ichor syrup - +7% cps while the game is closed, sugar lumps mature 7 minutes sooner

Of these, the most important to get first is probably Green yeast digestives because it increases the chance of all other drops by 3%. You can also use the Mind Over Matter aura to increase the chances of obtaining these random drops by 25% (multiplicatively, not additively).

  • im not that far into game, only about 400 prestige level, i was just wondering because i was farming meddleweed for drops but then on the wiki, it said there was only 7 drops – Parkerdaboss216 Jan 22 at 20:37
  • Thanks m8, much appreciated, i have so many questions cuz i just found this site on a school chromebook and it somehow wasn't blocked, so it seemed like the perfect site to ask questions. i dont have any of those particular plants unlocked but i can actually get them, i have the right plants to breed, but my luck is absolute garbage. so thank you for responding. – Parkerdaboss216 Jan 22 at 20:41
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  • idk how to close it so... – Parkerdaboss216 Jan 22 at 20:58
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