I played the free edition and got to level 20. I would like to continue playing my account with same heroes after I convert to a paid account. It is possible?

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    Paid and free aren't separate accounts. Instead, you just can't log in on characters that are level 21+ when you don't have an active subscription; there are some other chat and trade restrictions as well.
    – Powerlord
    Jan 28, 2021 at 22:11

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Yes, you can keep playing World of Warcraft with your existing trial characters after paying for a subscription. You won't lose any progress. Just note that if you ever decide to not renew your sub, once it expires you won't be able to play any of your characters that are level 21 or higher.

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    Also note that if you renew your subscription after being inactive for some time, your characters will again be available to you.
    – Sjoerd
    Jan 28, 2021 at 23:41

As Nzall has already pointed out, you can continue playing with the same characters after subscribing. From the website:

When you're ready to progress further, simply subscribe to access an ever-growing universe and continue leveling to 50.

Note that you can only play characters over level 20 if you have an active subscription. If your subscription ends or lapses, you would need to reactivate to continue playing as any character over level 20.

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    Please note that the maximum level is now 60, not 50 anymore. Blizzard might want to update the site information.
    – Zoma
    Apr 6, 2021 at 14:47
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    Zoma, they say "to 50" because above 50 you also have to purchase the expansion.
    – J. G.
    May 1, 2021 at 22:39

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