How to beat Mega-Brutal as a Fungus without any Genes, starting from China?

Unlike with my question on doing this as a Bacteria or a Virus, Fungus has none of their good qualities like wide-range durability upgrading or improved mutation, respectively.

Spore Eruption and Hardening are sort of useful, but the point investment required to get them is very prohibitive. By the time I can get them all, the Cure would likely be complete because I didn't boost my mutation rate through animals and going for the research suppression symptoms.

Perhaps if I went for Coughing and the Immune Suppression line as my free initial Symptoms from mutation rate before I get discovered, while rushing the Spore traits and save scumming for as many bubbles as fast as I can...

But save-scumming too much causes a weird sudden lag storm that makes the game unplayable, so I'm seeing if anyone has any better ideas for killing a Mega-Brutal world with a plain boring Fungus.

Note: Not sure what the requirements are, but it's also tedious but possible to save-scum for governmental breakdowns, so that helps a little.

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