When repeatedly save-scumming in Mega-Brutal worlds against my Fungus, I know that some news have good and some have bad consequences, but some aren't as obvious as government breakdowns, which I only get a big notification about the first time.

I like to know when there's no chance that anything good for me will happen, so I can relax a bit and maybe focus on save-scumming for DNA points, instead of a government collapse.

I'm not sure what the requirements for a government to break down are. I assume I need a certain percentage of deaths and such in the country, with country summary is likely the biggest hint. I've never caught a before-and-after, but I assume "Close to Anarchy" means that it's likelier or possible to happen.

I encounter complicated situations like a country approving human experimentation. It's coloured orange, which I think means it's good for me, but some sources say that it's very bad for me, since it speeds up cure research.

Among other vague-ish coloured news, is Apple$oft's iCure device having a TBD release date. It's coloured orange but is it good? Apparently not. Then there's colourless news that still appears for countries, such as "drug development safeguards removed".

I don't know whether there are any set indicators that I can use to determine whether an outcome will be good or bad for my playthrough. Is there any list that I can use or a set way to determine the consequences of news - in short:

How do I determine whether the outcome of news is a hindrance or a benefit?


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