I want to join in a wing with a player in solo/private session. he will be in the default starting point, and I am quite a way from that. I believe that i will be teleported to him using the wing beacon, but I'm unsure of something. I'm quite far away from the starting point, and I don't want to have to travel all that way again, will the game teleport me back to where i was when I leave the wing? how does this work?

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When you join or leave a wing, your position in the galaxy does not change. If you wish to group up with your friend, you will need to travel to them. Wing beacons only work within a single system, with a navlock range on the order of a few hundred Ls. You will not be transported across the galaxy and back when joining a wing.

Additionally, if your friend is in the starter zone, you will need a starter zone permit, which if you have any rank above harmless, penniless, and aimless, you won't have. Of course if they're merely around the starter zone you won't need a permit.


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