I'm blind and need some help on City of Hope Mush. Is there someone who can give me some advice? I am having trouble generating a sheet and I want to be a vampire. I use a screen reader and I don't know the commands for the game.

  • I am not familiar with that, but there is information about character creation on the Character Generation wiki page. Among other things it suggests there is a channel called "new" and you can use the command "+request" followed by your request, which might help you.
    – Sumurai8
    Commented Feb 2, 2021 at 18:28

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I'm assuming you're already aware of this, but I'll add this here:

MUSHClient is a client developed for MUDs (and similar games) which has the capacity for accessibility functionality. It's also just a good client, I'm a sighted person and swore by it for the nearly two decades I played these games.

You can get instructions to make it work with screen readers at this link: https://www.allinaccess.com/mc/#:~:text=Mushclient%20is%20a%20MUD%20client,(Multi%2Duser%20Dungeons)

While I've never played on City of Hope, it's of a generation of MUSHes that should be fully supported by MUSHClient.

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