There are several stories that supplement Torment: Tides of Numenera, and are included in deluxe or Kickstarter versions:

  • "The Red Hand" by Nathan Long (From the Depths: Red).
  • "The Four Lessons of the Great Chila" by Mur Lafferty (From the Depths: Silver).
  • "The Last Days of Archopalasia" by Tony Evans (From the Depths: Blue).
  • "Gate to the Abyss" by Adam Heine (From the Depths: Gold).
  • "For the Common Good" by Ray Vallese (From the Depths: Indigo).
  • "Palimpsest" by Monte Cook.
  • "The Last of the Tabaht" by Colin McComb.
  • "So Long as You Can See the Moon" comic by Patrick Rothfuss and Nate Taylor.

I want to know in what order should I read these stories, and play the main game, for maximum enjoyment.

That is likely to be very subjective, but I think it breaks down into a few objective questions. In decreasing order of importance:

  • Do any of the stories (or game) spoil a plot twist in any of the others?
  • Do any of the stories (or game) assume that the reader already understands concepts or information from one of the others?
  • What is the chronological order of the stories (and game)?


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