Do the bedrock edition Minecraft dedicated servers support multithreading? According to the wiki, the client does, but I could not find anything about the server.

  • Is there some broader question you're hoping to find the answer to? For most people wanting to host a server, whether or not the server's threaded tends not to be relevant. That being said I believe there are operating system tools that could tell you the number of os threads a process so you could answer the question yourself by running the server and inspecting the process via these tools. – peabody Feb 3 at 17:01
  • not just threaded, but capable of fully utilising more threads. – valkyrie_pilot Feb 3 at 18:44

The short answer is yes. Below is a screenshot of SysInternal's process explorer threads tab for the bedrock_server.exe process running on my machine.Process Explorer Thread Count

You can see a thread count of 25 threads. How much the bedrock server is optimized for multithreaded performance is another story. It's proprietary software so there really isn't a way to verify that. Several factors besides threading affect performance. IO can be a big performance factor with Minecraft servers for instance.

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