In Hades, if you look at the 'normal' boons list, there seems to be 22 slots (4 rows that alternate 5 or 6 slots).

Is that 22 limit a hard limit, and if you reach for your 23rd boon, what happens?


OK, so lets do some math.

If we believe the wiki: The elysium boss is room #36. So that means there are 36 rooms where you could get something the 6 styx doors.

So we get to 42.

  • Bosses and the room before the boss cannot be a boon, (-6, so 36 left).
  • The first room of each floor (and the 2 firsts of styx) do not have rewards, ( -5 we get to 31.)
  • Out of the 6 doors of styx, there is max 3 boons. (-3, so 28)

So we would only need for the game to give no hammers or boons 6 times out of 28 possibilities (21%) and this can be curved if the player has a heavy boon start.

So knowing all that, I'm gonna go on a guess that the game stops you from getting more than 22 boons.

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