In the hardcore Minecraft mod RLCraft, there is apparently an item called the Avian Soulstone, which can bind avian mounts to you. I've recently tamed a Ventoraptor, which is classified as an Avian by the RLCraft Lycanite bestiary.

enter image description here

I would therefore like to permanently bind my Ventoraptor to me with one of these Avian Soulstones.

However, I cannot find anywhere online how to craft these Avian Soulstones, and right-clicking it in the crafting menu gives no instructions or crafting directions.

There are crafting instructions for the Soulstone, which has a wiki entry and a crafting recipe:

enter image description here

However, the Avian Soulstone does not have a wiki entry or instructions.

How do I craft an Avian Soulstone in RLCraft?

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I figured it out. By watching this video:

It turns out that all you have to do is craft a regular Soulstone, with the recipe above, and then hold it in your hand and right click on the creature. It binds any creature to you. You don't need to craft the specific Soulstone type at all.

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