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I was using my Wabbajack stick on a wolf and Lydia jumped in front of me to attack the wolf. I ended up blasting her with the stick and she disappeared. No body and no transformation that I could see. Is there any way to get her back from this? Might she have turned into an animal and run away unnoticed? If she died, wouldn’t her body still be there?

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The Wabbajack has a long list of effects:

  • Fireball

  • Thunderbolt

  • Frost Rune

  • Heal Other

  • Disintegration

  • Transformation

    • Summon effects: mudcrab, daedra, rabbit, chicken, chicken that explodes after 20 seconds and transforms back.
    • Effect canceled on hit: chicken, rabbit, dremora lord, or a random draugr. Examples: draugr, goat, spectral, mudcrab
    • Effects that eliminates target: sweetroll, fountain of septims or random books spawn.
    • Leveled Dremora (common).
    • May spawn a rabbit behind target, which target will see as an enemy. Upon said rabbit de-spawning, the target will teleport to where the rabbit last was.
  • Invisibility

  • Summon enemy dremora to attack them.

  • Ice Spike

  • Instant kill (ghostly remains; ghostly remains with sweetroll; normal remains; no body)

  • Fury

  • Fear

  • Drain stamina

  • Paralyze

  • Absorb health

  • Target explodes, turns into ghostly remains and scattered gold and pitchforks. Taking the gold counts as stealing

  • No effect

  • Replace enemies with random amounts of cheese.

  • Unspecified damage (no hit shader/FX)

  • Causes an explosion, which is a unique destruction spell. This only damages the target, unlike other exploding spells.

As you can see one option is death without corpse.

If you play on PC there is a way to test/fix this.

open your console commands and move the chracter to you. so type

Prid <refID>

With the redId of lydia being: "000A2C94" and follow that with

moveto player

If nothing happens she is probably dead, then u need to do the Prid command again followed by

resurrect 1.

If that doesn't work you can also

player.placeatme <BaseID> <#>

with Lydia's baseid being : "000A2C8E" and # being replaced by a 1

  • Another note: The Wabbajack will never kill an essential NPC. You can manually flag an NPC as essential using setessential <BaseID> 1 - you must use the BaseID, not the RefID, or you can just pick one of the already-essential followers instead of Lydia. That won't bring a dead NPC back, of course.
    – Kevin
    Feb 9, 2021 at 23:06
  • 1
    A heads-up on the placeatme console command: Using that command will instantly summon a copy of an object or NPC at your position. Not recommended for named objects or NPCs, like Lydia. That command creates a new copy of an object/actor in the world; using it with named objects/NPCs can result in duplicates, which could cause glitches and other unwanted game behavior. Use the prid <RefID> and moveto player commands instead. Feb 11, 2021 at 8:14

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