Since probably 1 month ago I have not been able to get into roblox. I log in and then 1 second later it kicks me out right back to where I started logging in and at this point in time I will pay robux to have this fixed. I have just tried loging in to my account that's it. Does anybody know what has happened if this occures or how to fix it please tell me.

  • Can you log into the Roblox website or another place outside the game that uses that account? – Nzall Feb 5 at 14:35

That is the kind of thing only Roblox support may fix.

If the game does crash (you are suddenly on your desktop and the game is not on) you might want to uninstall/reinstall the game. Something is corrupted in your install.

I don't know Roblox, but since its an online game we can assume your progression is not saved on your PC. So you will lose nothing.

If the game doesn't crash outright (sends you back to desktop) you might be banned. Then your only option is Roblox support.

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