I'm playing my first survival world in bedrock edition and am about to raid a bastion remnant. I'm trying to find the best way to loot the bastion without aggravating the piglins as much as possible. Will destroying the chests cause them to become hostile?


Yes, if they see you, just the same as opening the chest.

From the wiki:

Piglins are provoked by any player who:

  • Is not wearing any piece of gold armor.
  • Attacks a piglin or piglin brute, regardless if the player kills it in one hit or not.
  • Opens or breaks a chest, trapped chest, ender chest, shulker box, barrel, minecart with chest, or minecart with hopper.
  • Breaks a block of gold, gold ore, gilded blackstone, or nether gold ore.

In the bastion remnants, the piglins are piglin brutes. They will attack you regardless of any armor (unless you are invisible) because they are purely hostile mobs.

  • Clarifying what I said: in the treasure rooms (which I’d assume is where you would open any chest) all the piglins are piglin brutes, which are purely hostile, making opening a chest obsolete. – Haha cornflakes Feb 19 at 22:57
  • Please edit your answer, it's free – Ray Wu Mar 7 at 20:12

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