I am trying to make a custom crafting datapack for Minecraft. I have found some tutorials that show me how, but all of them use droppers that craft the item instantly after putting the items in. currently i have a chest that crafts the items but I want to be able to detect once a player has taken out the crafted item so I can delete the items used in the recipe.

  • What item are you crafting? Does it have tags, custom name. What slot?
    – QmegaMax
    Feb 12 '21 at 8:20
  • the recipe i am using to test is a diamond in slot 1b and a nether star in slot 10b. it gives me a netherite block in 15b i just want to know how to detect once the player has taken the netherite block so i can get rid of the items used for the recipe. it doesn't have any tags or custom name.
    – Jordan
    Feb 12 '21 at 22:09

This should work:

execute unless data block 785 61 526 {Items:[{Slot:15b,id:"minecraft:netherite_block"}]} run say taken

If you want to empty the chest use:

data merge block 785 61 526 {Items:[]}
  • this works and is awesome but how would this work if I had multiple recipes? if I run this under tick it will reset the chest all the time which would give the player no time to even craft the item.
    – Jordan
    Feb 17 '21 at 2:40
  • so u want to delete only certan items?
    – QmegaMax
    Feb 18 '21 at 9:06
  • no. but if i run this command every tick it will delete all the items once you put them in the chest because there isn't a netherite block in slot 15 yet. this would give the player no time to put in the items to craft the netherite block.
    – Jordan
    Feb 18 '21 at 17:11

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