I have looked everywhere for a command that does the same thing as:

/give @s netherite_sword{unbreakable:1} 1

but for Bedrock Edition instead of Java Edition. But I just can't seem to find an answer anywhere. There hasn't been anything that has told me it's not possible. But all of the answers I find only pertain to the Java Edition of Minecraft. Even the Minecraft Wiki does not have any different answer for Bedrock Edition.


Sadly, you can't really do this with a single command, because in Bedrock Edition, there is no such JSON component for enchanting using the /give command.

So it's better to just do:

  1. /give netherite_sword
  2. /enchant unbreaking 3 (whilst holding sword)

Optional enchantment: /enchant mending

Also, to put it simply, you cannot really have an unbreakable item. This requires an NBT editor, which means getting the sword (or something else) to be unbreakable by a higher level of Unbreaking.

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