Recently, I started to play KSP again, and I noticed that even though I used the most realistic settings to make the game challenging, right from the start I get all the SAS capabilities unlocked even with Jebediah being only LVL 0.

Is this some kind of new feature? I can't find an option to disable this anywhere.

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    Actually it was a kind of feature since a long time ago with the "kerbal experience enabled" setting. The 1.11.1 bug seems to ignore this setting...
    – Goufalite
    Feb 16 '21 at 12:37
  • There also is a setting about "All SAS capabilities on all modules." Check if it is on or not. I believe it is in advanced settings. Aug 26 '21 at 19:12

Ok I found it, this is a bug with the 1.11.1 version. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

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