I have 6 coke ovens producing coal coke but i cant seem to figure out why 9it wont work, in in 1.7.10 survival stories 3 (and no the tank is not full that tank goes up a lot) The coke ovens are from railcraft the fluiducts from thermal dynamics and the tank is from openblocks enter image description here

enter image description here

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    Hello! Welcome, could you specify what mod you are using by editing the post? – Penguin Feb 17 at 16:29
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    To whoever is voting to close, this isn't asking for technical support. If anything it should be closed for a lack of detail in the mod used. – Penguin Feb 17 at 19:57
  • Voting to close as unclear due to the lack of mod specification. – ExpertCoder14 Feb 17 at 20:14

General rule of mods: Mods generally DO NOT WORK WITH EACH OTHER (unless they're part of one of those group modpacks, like Technic or FTB). The Fluiducts and Tanks work because Thermal Dynamics and OpenBlocks use a common API for fluid transfers, whereas Railcraft does not use it, and thus are not compatible with the ducts or tanks.

Whilst Fluiducts do work with the tanks, the coke ovens do not work with the fluiducts. You have to manually bucket it.

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