I've been building a Minecraft map where you fight bees(yes I know I'm a cold-hearted person) and I'm trying to figure out a way so it stops spawning more bees when there is a certain amount(I don't want the player to get overwhelmed) here is a video of some gameplay if this helps:

It seems that some people have misunderstood so I will elaborate on some points:

1.each bee is summoned by a command block every 24 Redstone ticks (~2.4 seconds)

2.I am planning on publishing this map

3.This is a very early prototype with plenty of room for improvement

Here is a video showing the redstone:

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    The video was originally for entertainment so it won't be very comprehensive on how the Redstone works – CiurkitboyN Feb 20 at 5:14
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    That thumbnail looks like you got a bunch of mutant bees coming at you! They're too big already, but just look at those red eyes xD. Also I've removed the "signature" as thats "against the rules" (more guidelines, no one's getting upset about it that would be dumb) so just keep that in mind for the future! You can always write stuff about you in your profile desc, think of that as your signature – Penguin Feb 20 at 8:21
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    I've added the Redstone video it should be more comprehensive – CiurkitboyN Feb 20 at 15:12
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    it needs to be at least 2 days old for a bounty anyway – Penguin Feb 20 at 20:16

I figured out that if I summon an armor stand on a pressure plate(heavy) every time a bee is summoned it tells me how many bees there and once a certain amount of bees are summoned I can make things happen:

  • I will choose another answer if it is better – CiurkitboyN Mar 2 at 16:59

If you could simply be watching while people played this you could turn off mob spawning once a certain number of mobs spawn. However, this only works if you are not intending to publish this creation.

I’d look it up and see if there is a way to use command blocks to do this, because I am not the best at the technical side of Minecraft.

Edit: I realized my answer doesn’t make sense. If you were going to be there you could just as easily break the beehives or use a /kill command and teleport the players. You could do some calculations and figure out how long it takes, on average, for that many bees to spawn and run a command block to break the beehives after that amount of time, but this method seems very difficult. As a last resort you could change your mini game so that this isn’t a problem.

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    I don't use beehives I use a command block to do /summon bee – CiurkitboyN Feb 20 at 14:51
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    Also, beehives don't spawn bees themselves – CiurkitboyN Feb 20 at 15:02
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    Wdym it wouldnt work if you intend to "publish" it? – Penguin Feb 20 at 18:11
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    If he was to allow others to play it without him being there, the idea wouldn’t work. – Zyxilef Feb 20 at 18:21
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    If I put the world file on a public site like planet minecraft – CiurkitboyN Feb 20 at 19:22

I think the best option would be to utilize dummy scoreboards to to keep track of the bees count (you could also make it decrease if a bee is killed) and then have a check before you spawn new bees to make sure the count is below a certain number.


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