The trigger scoreboard type is used to allow players, even without cheats, to modify their value of a scoreboard objective. By typing /scoreboard players enable <playerName> <objective> this will allow that player, even without cheats, to use /trigger to change their scoreboard value. After triggering, that trigger is disabled again until the enable command is typed again.

While there is a command /scoreboard players enable, there isn't a /scoreboard players disable. In other words, I can't disable a trigger that has previously been enabled, and now I have to hope that the player doesn't find out and use /trigger, or it will break my map.

Can scoreboard triggers be disabled? If so, how?

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You can't directly disable scoreboard triggers, but you can instead trick Minecraft into thinking that the player used /trigger, using /execute.

execute as @p trigger myObjective add 0

This command will disable the trigger of the nearest player. Because the /trigger is being executed by the nearest player, this makes Minecraft think that they used their trigger.

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