I have reinstalled the Java Launcher onto my SSD, I and moved the .minecraft file as well. However, the launcher rebuilds the .minecraft file on my HDD because that is the location of the default directory.

How do I move the default directory to my SSD instead of my HDD.

I have searched for this answer on google and other forms, but all I could find are ether out of date forms, moving bedrock edition or moving just the Java launcher.

EDIT: The form " How can I change the location of the .minecraft directory in the 2.1 Launcher? " also does not move the directory, it simply uses a second .minecraft directory instead.

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  • Nether of the two answers on this question helped to move the directory to the second hard drive.
    – JocWiil
    Feb 22 at 22:35
  • Your question was changing the default directory which the question above addresses directly. Try manually moving your existing .minecraft folder to your desired location in addition to using the solution provided there.
    – 54D
    Feb 23 at 3:05
  • No, it does not. The above Form provided by pppery, does not move the directory it redirects it to a second one. Please find the Roaming file and save the .minecraft file in another location (or hard drive), then delete it from Roaming. Start up the MC Launcher and you will see a new .minecraft is made. This is what I am trying to stop, as I want only one .minecraft, and it should be the one in my SSD.
    – JocWiil
    Feb 23 at 5:23
  • > does not move the directory it redirects it to a second one. Indeed it does not -- you will need to move the directory contents yourself, and then add the command line option to your Launcher shortcut.
    – Schism
    Feb 23 at 9:02

You could create a symbolic link.

  1. Select everything in your .minecraft folder

  2. Create a folder on your SSD somewhere you remember

  3. Paste the contents of the .minecraft folder

  4. Delete the original folder in appdata (make sure your files have copied first or you will lose all your data in Minecraft)

  5. Run this command in cmd (replace S:\path\to\new\folder with the actual path to the folder and drive letter)

mklink /d %appdata%\.minecraft S:\path\to\new\folder

this will make minecraft think that it's still using the folder on your HDD when the real folder contents are stored on the SSD.

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