I'm setting up a killer gamemode and I would like the killer to have armor with the curse of binding on it. I'm triggering the transformation with a single button attached to multiple command blocks. Any way to do the this?(The enchantment portion.)

  • Well, I'm not sure exactly how to enchant armor being worn by a player, but maybe you could use an NBT editor, but this doesn't really change anything, because you are not wearing it. I don't know how to reimplement this but maybe you could use /enchant and /replaceitem in command blocks. I don't really know how to make it. – Mark Giraffe Mar 2 at 10:35

Just an idea:

First clear the player of his chestplate
(Clear Command)

Then Clone/Setblock the blocks like this:
(Clone/Setblock/Execute Commands)


@=Player %=Dispencer with enchanted chestplate facing Down &=Redstone Block

Then Remove it using fill and don't let it drop the items.
(Fill/Execute Commands)

his is not a clean solution but I had to do something similar when setting up a red vs blue minigame and I wanted each team to have colored helmets. I cloned a chest at a set location to be above the player, with the dyed helmet in it. Then I broke it with a setblock command with destroy at the end. To adapt it to your case I would clear the chestplate then do the rest. You could also use a dispenser and activate it then remove it. This would put it on his chest slot. (I haven't played Bedrock Edition on a computer just on a Mobile Device and it's been a while so I don't know the exact syntax.)

The syntax would look something like this assuming you tag the killer with /tag @p add Killer

/clear @a[tag=Killer] (Chestplate ID)
/execute @a[tag=Killer] ~~~ clone (x y z of dispencer) (x y z of dispencer) ~~2~ 
/execute @a[tag=Killer] ~~~ setblock ~~3~ redstone_block
/execute @a[tag=Killer] ~~~ fill ~~2~ ~~3~ air
  • Sorry my other answer was typed on the spot but this one should work

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