So, I recently found a rom hack online of FireRed called Pokemon: AshGray.

The game is essentially a playable version of the first couple of seasons of the Pokemon anime and has been quite a bit of fun so far. There have been some learning curves, especially with the Gyms, but so far, I have been able to sweep past both Brock and Misty with relative ease on each playthrough.

However, every time I get to Lt. Surge, he sweeps my team of 6 level 20-25 Pokemon (I have tried Pidgeotto, Pikachu, Butterfree, Bulbasaur, Bellsprout, Oddish, Rattatta, Mankey, & Spearow) with very little effort. Only Quick Attack can do some damage, but he seems to have moves for every Pokemon type.

What do I do?

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    Rom hacks are perfectly on-topic. Mar 3, 2021 at 9:16
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    I've seen online guides that have events after the fight, I think that they just made Surge and his Raichu crazy powerful to coincide with the show Mar 3, 2021 at 9:56
  • It's probably a similar situation to the fight with Brock. Ash lost his initial battle vs Raichu - chances are the story will continue after the loss and you'll have to do something or talk to people before the battle is 'easier'.
    – Robotnik
    Mar 4, 2021 at 3:12
  • After you lose, Nurse Joy gives you a Thunderstone that you can use to evolve Pikachu to Raichu. She claims this will help, but I still lose horribly. Mar 4, 2021 at 9:22

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Status Effects and a lot of luck.

I've watched several videos now of this particular fight. Most involve a status effect and stalling your goddamn heart out. One used poison (after savescumming to get a fight where Raichu's first attack missed Bulbasaur), one used Leech Seed (similarly), and two used paralysis (a level 30 Pikachu might apparently take down Raichu in two Thundershocks and a Quick Attack). Most of these take some degree of luck to still wear the big mouse down, though. Arceus be with you!

"That's all I can do, is hope. Hope that you can do something." --MunchingOrange


You could grind all of your Pokemon to a way higher level than Lt. Surge's Pokemon and easily beat it which would take a bit. Or, you can bring 1 Pokemon for each of his Pokemon that counters Lt. Surge's Pokemon so you have a severe type advantage and move advantage against all of his Pokemon. Also you can level your best Pokemon against electric and sweep his Pokemon.

  • So basically, just grind. Mar 8, 2021 at 17:58
  • I tried that, but so far since posting this, he has taken down a Level 34 Pidgeotto, a Level 25 Raticate, a Level 26 Raichu, and a Level 18 Charmeleon (all on one go). One of the biggest issues is he has both Electric and Fighting moves, so if you send someone with a type advantage over Electric, he hits with either Mega Punch or Mega Kick. Mar 9, 2021 at 11:44
  • ah... GRIND MORE BOIIII, thats a main part of pokemon, the grinding. Mar 9, 2021 at 16:13
  • I get that, but are there any specific Pokemon that I should grind that would be most effective? Mar 10, 2021 at 1:27
  • yes, grind a Pokemon that has moves that are effective against electric type Pokemon but is somewhat resistant to both fighting and electric moves Mar 10, 2021 at 19:08

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