Before Brigadier (the command system that 1.13+ uses) was introduced, you could detect a right-click with anything that had the stat.useItem criteria. However, since scoreboard criteria (among many other things) were changed with the 1.13 update, stat.useItem was changed to minecraft.used, and gives the entire item selection rather than just a few.

The Wiki section on scoreboard criteria doesn't list criteria types with minecraft as the start of their IDs at all, which means the following criteria are all left out: minecraft.broken, minecraft.crafted, minecraft.custom, minecraft.dropped, minecraft.killed, minecraft.killed_by, minecraft.mined, minecraft.picked_up, and last but not least minecraft.used.

Due to all of these being left out, there's no publicly available list of all the possible "usable" items to allow for simple right-click detection (think the usability of the original right-click detection, the Carrot on a Stick).

What's the full list of actual "usable" items and/or tools that is trackable via the minecraft.used criteria?

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There are a few items that can be detected by right-clicking in the air. The carrot_on_a_stick and warped_fungus_on_a_stick both work. and then all trowable items such as:

  • ender pearl
  • eye of ender
  • lingering potions
  • Bottle o' Enchanting
  • splash potions
  • snowballs
  • Bow and Crossbow if you fire an arrow
  • etc.

But only the two "on a stick" items can be detected without doing anything.

All other blocks will be detected when you place them, other items will be detected when you use them for a task, for example uses an axe to strip a log.

During my testing, I also found a few items what is impossible to test for such as:

  • air
  • arrow
  • any kind of dye (even if you dye something like a sheep it doesn't detect it)
  • bone
  • shield
  • all armor
  • elytra
  • book
  • and probably some more

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