In the server The Hive, they have a special item called Boom Boxes, and what it essentially does is that they act like normal TNT, but with some custom bits, and can also be thrown. Now I want to try and replicate the Normal type, where it just gives damage to the entity, but not on the blocks.

So I found this, but I have no idea how to do it properly, plus, it is a Java question.

So what I want to try and do is to not summon a mob in the process, activate the TNT regularly, then explode with no debris or damage left behind.

The only thing I thought of is using a repeating command block:

execute @e[type=tnt] ~ ~ ~ setblock ~ ~ ~ water

Then another command where it removes the water, but I don't know how to detect the TNT no longer existing.

I thought of some solution, but it will only work in a certain plot of land and on a flat world, and has other inconsistencies.

fill 50 1 50 -50 3 -50 grass
kill @e[type=item, name=Dirt]

So how can I go about doing this?


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Using a repeating command block and a chain command block like this: First command:

execute @e[type=tnt] ~ ~ ~ summon Creeper ~ ~ ~ minecraft:start_exploding

The second command (in the chain block):

kill @e[type=tnt]

You need to make sure to disable mob griefing by:

/gamerule mobgriefing false

You can set the repeating command block to Needs Redstone and activate it by placing a Redstone block when you need to use the feature.


When the TNT is about to explode, you need to spawn a creeper with a low fuse at its location, kill the TNT and quickly disable mob griefing. This can be accomplished by setting a scoreboard timer and checking if any creeper entities with a specific tag exist, and if not, enable mobGriefing again. (I have verified this works on Bedrock Edition, with the exact commands amount I said unless you want to implement the scoreboard timer and tags for turning on mobGriefing again.)


You could summon TNT with an invisible water block underneath it, making it explode but not destroy anything.


I'm not sure you can do this without advanced coding, although I would recommend the "To Much TNT" Mod. It adds lots of new, different TNT's, including throwable dynamite. Apart from that, there are lots of cheaper and free mods/Add ons that are good, to. Sorry I couldn't be more of a help :(

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    this is bedrock. mods dont exist
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    Mar 12, 2021 at 0:01

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