I was moving my house in Skyrim had my follower (Vilkas) pick up my things so I could fast travel.

At the new house I attempted to take them back, but it refused to allow me to take any of the dragon priest masks from his inventory. I was forced to kill him to reclaim them. Is there another way to get the masks back that doesnt result in his death? Is this a problem for all followers?

I play on a console, so system commands are not helpful.

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    Load an earlier save and don't give them to him? Nov 25, 2011 at 0:58

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Tell him to wait there then go to 10 other towns, come back and voilà, he will give them to you.

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Try sending him home and pickpocketing him while he's walking away.


Try pick pocketing him, or talk to him and say "I need to trade something with you" and replace the mask with another helmet.

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