How to access my PsP games which are located on external HDD by PPSSPP emulator?

I searched all folders that are in /root and found nothing.

  • External devices would typically be located in: /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdb2 or so on. – Nolonar Mar 12 at 19:21
  • I see my HDD in /media with file explorer, but when I try to find them there with PPSSPP, /media is empty. I think, I need to run PPSSPP with root priviligense. But now I found another problem. I cant even run it by default in terminal. When I type PPSSPP terminal showing me "Command not found". Also I can't find PPSSPP by "dpkg -l" and btw I installed PPSSPP by Snap Store. – Iceburn Mar 12 at 19:37

Problem solved by removing PPSSPP that was installed by snap and installing it throw:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xuzhen666/ppsspp

sudo apt update

sudo apt install ppsspp

Am I right that this is because of sudo in front of commands or It is just bad version in Snap Store?

Sorry for mb stupid questions I am newbie in Linux. And thanks Nolonar for response ^^

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    That is because the content from the Snap Store is sandboxed. If you want to install it as a Snap, use the following command: sudo snap install ppsspp-emu --classic – Lemon Mar 12 at 19:58

Another and I think better solution. PPSSPP from my first answer is working, but a little bit buggy (or mb I doesn't know something) I wasn't unable to switch render from OpenGL to Vulcan there.

But I found out that you can set the permissions in Snap when app have already installed.enter image description here

So I just gave PPSSPP permission to enter image description here

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