What are Bedrock and Java's differences in PVP?


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Update this answer for more differences in PVP.

  • Axes do more damage than swords in Java, while its vice versa in Bedrock.

Note - while axes do more damage in Java, their cooldown is also longer making swords have higher damage per second.

  • Shields can't be broken through in Bedrock.
  • Spectral Arrows don't exist in Bedrock because the Glowing effect doesn't exist either.
  • Sweeping Edge enchantment doesn't exist in Bedrock.
  • Saturation is a bit slower with regenerating health in Bedrock.
  • Java has a combat cooldown where attacking during the cooldown time does pretty much no damage and eats durability, whereas Bedrock has no cooldown.
  • In Bedrock, instant damage II arrows ignore enchantments, making it possible to one shot players in full god armor with a multishot crossbow loaded with harming arrows. This is not possible in Java.
  • End Crystals work differently in Bedrock and are basically useless because they do negligible damage to players in full enchanted gear. But a single crystal in Java will do more than half health if placed correctly.

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