I am playing Fortnite: Battle Royale, and the settings mostly help with aim. When I finished the ad settings, I was wondering the benefits from motion settings, but when I turn it on, I don't see any change from it.

Motion Controls

When I turn on the motion settings, I go back and join a game, and it doesn't do anything to the weapon I am shooting to the enemy.

From my Google Search, there are a lot of websites mentioning motion control settings, in meaning that they work:

From Medium's Onezero:

“The way that Fortnite makes up for it is that they have an auto aim feature for the players that are playing on mobile or controllers.” Notably, Fortnite still allows you to enable aim assist when using motion controls.

So, it can be a Aim Assist, but there is already a setting that features this.


According to Onezero's advice, I turned on Aim Assist instead of Motion Controls, because it isn't working for me.

Aim Assist didn't seem to help either.


If my motion controls and/or aim assist increasing my sensitivity? If so, can you show a picture of the sensitivity benefit? If this is not increasing my sensitivity, it must be:

  • A bug.
    If this is a bug, can you please show an answer of how to fix it?

  • A disable or beginner setting.
    Does it depend on the age I chose for Epic Games? How can I change it or contact support?

  • A mixer.
    Is it another setting that I turned on that is related? What is that or possible setting?

Device: Nintendo Switch

  • i have also been having this issue, for me it happened when i started using different joycons, is that maybe the issue for you?
    – Topcode
    Mar 15 at 18:16

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