So according to this video by phoenix sc:


You can make a crossbow that can shoot like millions of arrows and the command is in the description of the video which is :

give @p minecraft:crossbow{Enchantments:[{id:"minecraft:multishot",lvl:1s},

Apparently, if you type in the command, the crossbow will only shoot 3 arrows. How can you fix this so it can turn into billions of arrows when shoot?

  • you can very clearly see he changes that command to increase the level throughout the video. it also seems like you need a datapack to use it – Topcode Mar 18 at 14:35

According what PhoenixSC said during the video, this effect simply isn’t achievable in standard Minecraft, as it takes much modification to the behaviors of enchantments and the NBT tags. But, he created a vanilla data pack that allows this behavior and can be found here.

  • A datapack is vanilla Minecraft – Ray Wu Mar 18 at 18:06
  • @RayWu Ok, fixed that. – OKprogrammer Mar 18 at 18:07

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