I painted my own Minecraft skin in paint in 64*64 pixel in .png. But my Minecraft Launcher does not show them when I add them. What can I do to make him show my Overlays? (Yes, I put anything in skincustumisation at on)

  • did you set it as your skin?
    – Topcode
    Mar 19 at 14:57

If your using a resource pack then be sure to add the skin in the resourcepack\assets\minecraft\textures\entity\ folder as ether alex.png or steve.png.

To change skin, however, you need to log in to Minecraft.net and you can change your skin in your profile, just by uploading the image.

Be sure you have the correct layout in your image: Basic steve skin: steve

My skin for comparison(the colorful parts are overlays): SemlanBakelsen

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